New 48/72 hours regulation in Hamburg

Persistent and unchanged congestion in most European ports leads to severe delays for seagoing vessels at the Tollerort (CTT), Altenwerder (CTA) and Burchardkai (CTB) terminals in Hamburg. This condition has a direct influence on the usage of yards, as the dwelling time of export containers is constantly growing, day by day.

Over the past weeks, many internal terminal management steps have been introduced, preventing any effects on the daily business/supply chain.

With today’s message, we must remind you that the following rules apply:

CTT and CTA: the new ’48-hour rule’
For export containers shipped by truck, CTT and CTA are required to extend the ’48-hour rule’ to mean that CTT and CTA will not allow any export container (including dangerous goods) more than 48 hours before the vessel’s arrival. Up until further notice, this rule will be activated today.

CTB: introduction of the ’72-hour rule’
For export containers transported by truck, CTB is required to extend the ’72-hour rule,’ meaning that CTB will not allow any export container (including dangerous goods) more than 72 hours prior to the vessel’s arrival. This rule will be activated from Monday, 1 February 2021 until further notice is issued.

Download the PDF on the new regulations now


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