Land transport

Global coordination of your land transport

From our headquarters in Hamburg and our branch office in Düsseldorf, we can professionally guide your overland shipments to the destination of your choosing anywhere in the world. We coordinate every aspect of your overland shipment for imports and exports.

Do you want to send a lorry consignment from Germany to Poland? We can offer transportation via a fully loaded lorry as well as part loads or additional loads. Thanks to our extensive network of partners, we offer a large degree of flexibility for the disposal of the load and process the consignment via the most individual means of transportation – overland transport.
International and national logistics is our passion. We are your specialists for all logistic matters for your land transport. We are offering professional consulting and solutions for your freight and consignment by truck or train. Read more
Use our efficient combined transport services for your land transport. We will transport your freight in one and the same intermodal container using multiple modes of transportation. With intermodal transport we are supplying effective combining from different transport carrier via road, railway and sea. Read more
Are you in need of “Full Truck Load” for your freight? Out of our headquarter in Hamburg we are operating together with our hand selected global partners to offer you the optimum transport possibility. Are you looking for truck load space for a small or medium sized consignment? We like to offer you LTL (less than truckload) as a smart and favorable alternative to FTL for your small-sized commodity. Read more
Would you like to forward hazardous materials? Transporting hazardous cargo poses a special challenge for all parties involved. For your sensitive special transport requirements in hazardous materials, we put the professional support of our specialists in hazardous materials at your disposal. Read more
For the special transport of your sensitive pharmaceutical products, we guarantee you smooth and rapid conveyance. We find optimal solutions for packing, handling and providing the necessary documents. We take care that your pharmaceuticals are transported within an appropriate range of temperature. Read more

Our professional customs agency “CGATE Customs Agent”, which is independent of our shipping company, is offering professional services for customs clearance. This agency ensures highly professional, worldwide customs clearance for your shipments.

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Do you require a customised transport solution?


If you require a customised transport solution – for example, a parcel service from the Netherlands to Germany or an overnight shipment from Gdynia to Hamburg, just consult our specialists for overland solutions:

Phone: +49 40 32 52 883-0

Advice and solutions for overland consignments


We are very happy to advise you before the beginning of the consignment, if so desired. Please talk to our overland consignment experts. The service we provide begins before the consignment is booked and picked up. Do you have any questions about a shipment from Spain to Germany? Our specially trained employees have established reliable business relations through the years with leading lorry hauliers and other overland transport partners all over the world. With CGATE, you can find the most suitable overland transport solution for your consignment.

We work 24 hours a day for you, 365 days a year, and are certified in all necessary areas. Our participation in private rail providers gets your goods on the track faster. Use our specialist knowledge to react immediately and extremely flexibly to necessary route changes.

Our neutral customs agency “CGATE Custom Agents” processes all customs formalities very quickly upon request. Your CGATE contact can answer your questions competently and ensure that your goods do not have to travel any unnecessary distances with forward-looking thinking.

Full truck load (FTL) or less than truckload (LTL)?

How much space does your shipment require? Does your consignment from Italy to Germany fill up a whole lorry? If so, we can offer you an FTL (full truck load) shipment. We will convey your cargo to any desired destination overland. As the customer, you can specify the pickup and arrival times for the FTL. Delivery will be executed in accordance with your wishes.

We can also offer suitable overland freight solutions for small or medium-sized consignments from Germany to the Czech Republic, for example. For partial loads (LTL = less than truckload), our overland transport specialists will find an appropriate lorry.

Are you looking for a combined transport solution?

With a combined INTERMODAL transport solution, your cargo will be shipped in a single shipping unit but using various modes of transport. Do you need to send a shipment from, say, Vietnam to Germany? The consignment will be conveyed by an intelligent combination of rail, road and water. Transport solutions involving a single shipping unit improves the security of your overland consignment, as there is no need to reload the cargo.

Special overland shipments

Are there special requirements attached to transporting your cargo over land? Do you have a temperature-sensitive consignment? Does your cargo need to be chilled, for example? We can offer rapid shipment of your land freight at the appropriate temperature. Does your consignment contain hazardous goods? We offer professional supervision of sensitive consignments containing hazardous goods. Our in-house hazardous materials officer will guarantee the safety of your special consignment of hazardous goods.