Delayed transport via Dhaka Airport (Bangladesh)

According to reports in “The Load Star” magazine, exports from Bangladesh via Dhaka Airport are still immensely delayed. The reason for the drastic export traffic jam is the cancellation of numerous scheduled flights. This cannot be compensated by the limited availability of cargo planes.

As a result, not only did several hundred truck transports jam in front of the airport, the surrounding streets and highways were also completely overloaded within a very short time.

The effects of these bottlenecks caused freight tariffs to rise significantly. According to “The Load Star”, numerous exporters criticized the shipping costs for fruit and vegetables, for example. Compared to the time before the pandemic, these have increased significantly. For example, the freight price per kg of vegetables going from Chittagong to the Middle East was USD 0.66 before the flight suspension. At the end of August, the price was already USD 1 per kg.

Since the freight has shifted significantly to land transport, exporters allow an average of five to seven additional days in the delivery time for this route.

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